Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005 directed by Tim Burton)

11 Dec

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Suitable for ages 7 and up

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a lot like the book of the same name by Roald Dahl, especially the beginning. But the end was the part where stuff only from the movie was put in. And they also made up some jokes. There are also some scary parts, or parts that seem like Willy Wonka is evil, which is why I recommend ages 8 and 7 should be supervised by adults.

For those people who haven’t read the book, this is what the story is about. A small young boy who is extremely poor and can hardly afford anything to eat but the one thing he dreams of having is chocolate. In sight from his house there is a chocolate factory run by Willy Wonka. Almost everyone in the world in the story is longing to see Willy Wonka again, because he shut down years before because spies were stealing his amazing recipes. But somehow he opened up again.  And he found some mystery workers to help him make chocolate, but no one knows who they are. Everyone is longing to find out who they are, then suddenly one day Willy Wonka wrote a letter saying that he is sending out 5 golden tickets all over the world the five lucky children who the tickets find get to experience a lifetime opportunity at Willy Wonka’s factory and one of the children will get one prize bigger than any prize you could ever think of and anyone could get it. Charlie’s dream may come true, to get a golden ticket, but there are billions of people in the world Will he ever achieve his dream? Watch this to find out.

I like this movie because of the interesting story, how the beginning is almost exactly the same as the book, but at the end is almost nothing like the book.

Get Smart (not the original TV series)

29 Sep

Best for ages: 7 and up. Rating: four out of five stars

You will only really get this if you see at least  one episode of the  original TV series because it uses the same phrases a lot.

If you have seen it will also  not  take long to work out who is who.

Get Smart is very  funny and has a lot of action.

Maxwell Smart despite his name is not smart but he is lucky and good at shooting. Max’s organisation is Kontrol. Max’s partner is 99. I like it because the movie is very humorous and full of action.  In the movie their enemy Kaos  has planned an evil plot. Can Max and 99 find out what the plot is and stop it ?Or will Kaos succeed ?

Watch  to find out.

Fiddler on the Roof

1 Aug

Best for ages 8 and up

Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars

“Fiddler on the roof sounds crazy huh?”

Is the first sentence of the movie Fiddler on the RoofFiddler on the Roof has some lessons on life but is for people ages 8 and up basically because it is quite scary and can be sad.  But it also reminds us about refugees without  homes.  This movie is a musical. The main character in the story is a man named Tevyer. Tevyer lives in a small village called Anatevka. In Anatevka it is hard because they’re Jewish and they’re on Russian land and Russians hate Jews. But there are funny parts especially Tevyer ‘s sayings to God. Tevyer is always talking to God. I like Tevyer ‘s sayings very much. Let’s get on with the story. Yenta the Matchmaker recommended a rich man called Lazer Wolf. But his first daughter Tzitel fell in love with  a man named Motel  she marries him at last after tricking Lazer Wolf. After Tzitel ’s wedding his second daughter marries a convict. But his third daughter was not allowed by him to marry a non-Jew. But she did anyway. Not long after that, the Russians sent a message saying they would have to leave their homes. Otherwise, Russians would come and torture them. So they left. All of them went in America, but different places.  All except Yenta the Matchmaker. Yenta the Matchmaker can also be funny.

And the music is sensational.

Surf’s Up

8 Jul

Best for ages 4-9.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Surf’s Up is another funny movie. It is about a penguin who loves  surfing .His name is cody. His model is an amazing surfer called big Z.Everyone saw big Z fall and disappear.Everyone thought big Z was dead but is he? Watch to  find out.

If you love watching surfing you would just adore it.

This movie is sometimes sad.

Kung Fu Panda

8 Jul

Best for ages 5-8.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Kung Fu Panda is about a panda who is very clumsy and not very good at fighting until he gets trained by a kung fu master called Master Shi Fu.  And the Panda was picked by a wise kung fu master named Master Wu Gwei. Wu Gwei said that the panda would save the city from an attack from Master Shi Fu’s old student called Tai Lang who turned bad and got locked up in prison. But Master Wu Gwei says that Tai Lang will come out of prison and only the Panda would be able to stop him. Master Shi Fu doesn’t believe him but he still does it because he trusts Master Wu Gwei.

Kung Fu Panda is good if you want to laugh. If you like it action-packed, this is also your movie.   If you are very sensible, this is not your movie.  I liked the laughs, which is why I rate it 4 out of 5.